Therapy Harp Training Program

The Therapy Harp Training Program is an internationally accredited home study course advocating that spirituality is a necessary component in the healing of the complete person: Body, Mind and Spirit.

In addition to learning the techniques required in healthcare music, each student is immersed in learning about intent and the use of subtle energies. Students are given individual attention and the needs of the student are met on a personalized level. Upon graduation, students will be trained in all techniques for hospice, nursing homes & hospitals and will become Certified Healthcare Musicians.

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THTP Unit 1

Semester One introduces you to the fascinating world of a Holistic Healthcare Musician, you will delve into alternative musical applications, learn new techniques, build your repertoire as a CHM, learn from videos and books readings and begin to uncover your true creative self.

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Once you have completed Unit 1 you need to take further units to complete the course.
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THTP Unit 2

Semester One, Unit 2, continues your journey into the fascinating world of a Holistic Healthcare Musician, this Unit guides you through the Elements of Music, Modes, Rhythm and useful theory to support your understanding.

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THTP Unit 3

The Second Semester will support your transition into delivering holistic healthcare music as a service, it will build upon your studies and the skills you gained in Semester One Unit 3 gives you important knowledge regarding the medical needs of  your patients/clients as well as opening up the magical world of Heart Emotions and the power of Prayer. You will continue to study your required reading and  learn more about the work of a CHM.

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THTP Unit 4

The final Unit of Semester 2 is where you will put into action all the learning you have gained over the Previous Units, your Practicum  will give you the opportunity to refine your musical skills and the Personal research project you will complete enables you to develop a depth of knowledge in an area you are passionate about. You will further develop your repertoire and ability to improvise leading to the final assessment before Graduating.

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