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Each year graduates are required to submit documentation to show their study of Continuing Education Units. This maintains current certification and may be required by some workplaces.

It is the responsibility of each to student to submit a record of their annual CEU credits at the end of each calendar year.  This will be done once a year as a digital submission and a digital certificate will be supplied.

Your first CEUs after graduation will be due at the end of the following year.

CEUs = 20 credits per year

You can combine any of the methods below to meet the 20 credits per year.

Further Training Course from the THTP CEU Training Lyceum. (20 credits)

The training topic is Essence of Palliative Care and Ethical Issues and the set text is the book you have already “The Perfect Wrong Note”.

Course Attendance Certificate will be issued upon completion of this course..

For the Palliative Care Topic you simply free write your response to the information and then for the set text again it is just a free writing “Quiz” with questions posed to enhance and emphasize what this book teaches.

Most of you will have completed a Topic based quiz when you completed your THTP training however this set of Questions is different, further enhancing your recall and absorption of the key concepts in this book.

Book Reports – Specialised Reading: 


  1. One book equals 10 CEU credits so you will need to read and submit 2 book reports.
  2. The topic must be in the field of
    1. Healthcare music and/or
    2. Medical research relating to your healthcare music work
  3. Submit a report on each book
    1. The submission must be in a new email
    2. The subject of the email must clearly state that this is a book report submitted for CEU credits.

Articles: (Newspapers, Internet articles, Journals including Harp Therapy Journal, Research etc.)

  1. Content of the articles must be in the field of healthcare music or medical research related to your healthcare music work.
  2. Submit a report on each article along with a link in digital format to the Director.
    1. The submission must be in a new email.
    2. The subject of the email must clearly state that this is an article submitted for CEU credit(s).
  3. Each article is worth 5 CEUs.

 Relevant Music Workshops/ Concerts/ Festival Attendance:

  1. Contact the Director about the workshop/concert/festival you are attending to discuss whether it is a suitable event for CEU further training.
  2. Upon completion of the event send in a report of your experience and how it will help you to further your work as a healthcare musician.
  3. Certificates of attendance or confirmation of payment must be provided. Make sure it clearly states the name of the event and include hours of attendance. CEU points will be negotiated for these events.

THTP Retreat Attendance:  

  1. Attendance at a THTP Retreat go towards CEUs depending on length of retreat.


Other programs and CEU Events:

Workshops run by other therapy harp programs and individuals may be suitable if they are available to the wider public. Please check and ask the Director.