Therapy Harp Training Program

Welcome to the Therapy Harp Training Program with your Director Helen Morrison.

The Therapy Harp Training Program (THTP) is a fully online course for the musician who is interested in being qualified as a Certified Healthcare Musician (CHM). Instruments may include Harp, Piano, Voice, Dulcimer, Recorder, Flute and Guitar.

The course is divided into four (4) Units, and you will work on a range of practical and theoretical aspects, an independent research project, book reviews and videos.

Support is available from the Director via email and through your assessments, the private Facebook page, regular Zoom meetings and newsletters.

THTP students are trained to offer healthcare music for patients and clients in a range of settings. Healthcare music may be played in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, wellbeing centres, yoga studios, online and more.

At THTP we view healthcare music as holistic and we acknowledge that each patient or client is an individual with their own unique needs, values and beliefs.

We encourage a compassion-based approach and the wellbeing of the whole person's body, mind and spirit is at the forefront of what we do. Music enhances the health and comfort of the patient or client bringing a sense of peace, calm and connection.

The Therapy Harp Training Program is accredited by the Australian Therapeutic Harpists Association (ATHA) and THTP graduates are eligible to apply for full membership.


Benefits of studying the Therapy Harp Training Program

Qualify as a Clinical Healthcare Musician

Increase your musical skills for work in healthcare settings

Explore the world of sound, vibration and intent

Build skills in self-awareness, compassion and empathy

Connect with healthcare musicians around the world


Music gives a soul to the universe
Wings to the mind
Flight to the Imagination
And life to everything


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What is unique about the Therapy Harp Training Program?

  • With over 200 online lessons plus interactive quizzes/videos and personalised programs of study, this course prepares you thoroughly for your work as a Clinical Healthcare Musician.
  • You are personally looked after by the Director who has over 30 years experience in delivering music education programs - your studies are in safe hands!
  •  The course is divided into 4 Units at $199USD per Unit, as at November 2021.
  • THTP prepares you to play therapeutic music for a wide range of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, health clinics, animal care centres, yoga studios and private practice.
  • THTP is a compassion-based program and each student is an important part of the THTP community.

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The Therapy Harp Training Program is a fully online healthcare music course accredited by the Australian Therapeutic Harpists Association (ATHA). At THTP we bring live therapeutic music to healthcare settings to enhance the health and wellbeing of patients. Our ethos is one of respect, inclusivity and compassion.