Therapy Harp Training Program

A holistic healthcare music training program for ALL musicians - not just harpists!

The Therapy Harp Training Program is a compassion based internationally accredited course fully advocating the 'Hauora' philosophy of life, being a belief that Spiritual, Social & Emotional aspects of life become fundamental to resilience when health fails.

Graduates will be trained to play  healthcare music for patients of any age or condition in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and in home/clinic settings.


6 benefits of doing this course

  1. Transform your musicianship
  2. Learn to be a Clinical Healthcare Musician
  3. Find your inner self through the healing arts
  4. Explore the language of music for a CHM
  5. Experience the wonder of sound and vibration
  6. Minister to those in need using your spiritual and musical skills

Music gives a soul to the universe
Wings to the mind
Flight to the Imagination
And life to everything


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What is unique about this training program?

  • With over 200 online lessons plus interactive quizzes/videos and personalized programs of study this  course prepares you thoroughly for your work as a Clinical Healthcare Musician.
  • You are personally looked after by the Director who has over 30 years of experience of delivering music education programs, your studies are in safe hands!
  •  The course is split into 4 installments for ease of budgeting.
  • The THTP doesn't just prepare you to play at the bedside but also offers training for a wider range of settings, such as working in health clinics, animal care centers, yoga studios and private practice.
  • It is a compassion based program, this means YOU are an important part of the THTP community.

New Zealand THTP Retreat

18,19, 20th January 2019

The focus of our retreat was “Emiemi aroha nui” which means ‘a gathering with love’, for more details on our last retreat head over to the Retreat page, meanwhile click on our tracks and enjoy the music we created together !

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The Therapy Harp Training Program is an internationally accredited healthcare music training course fully advocating that spirituality is a necessary component in ministering to a patient/client.