Therapy Harp Training Program - Terms and Conditions

Student Terms of Agreement, Code of Conduct, Refund Policy and Complaints Policy

Student Terms of Agreement

1. I understand that the Therapy Harp Training Program is a self-paced study course and that I am responsible for my own learning and progress. I understand that this course is online and that an up-to-date computer and internet service are required to engage in this course. I need to budget for the relevant books and resources listed.

2. I need to complete all course requirements in order to graduate. Acceptance onto the Program and the payment of Fees will not be a guarantee that I will graduate from the course and be certified.

3. I will make every effort to communicate to others that I am enrolled in a training program to become a Certified Healthcare Musician. I am not studying to become a Music Therapist, which is a completely different field requiring a different level of study and certification.

I can use terms such as ‘healthcare musician’, ‘harp therapist’ or ‘clinical musician’, as well as ‘bedside music’ and ‘clinical music’.

4. I will not share any emails that I receive from the Therapy Harp Training Program. I will not share the Therapy Harp Training Program course content ‘the Program’, Student Terms of Agreement and Code of Conduct, passwords, workbooks or any other proprietary information or intellectual property with any third party.

5. I am aware that there is a 3 year time limit for completing the requirements for certification. I understand that if I fail to meet this criteria and have not submitted a Request for Leave of Absence, my ‘active student’ status will be discontinued and I will need to re-apply to continue the course.

6. If you contact the Director indicating that you wish to voluntarily drop your ‘active student’ status (leave the Therapy Harp Training Program), you will be given a 30-day grace period to reconsider without penalty. Request for Leave of Absence or temporary Leave of Absence may be requested to avoid termination of your ‘active student status’.

The Request for Leave of Absence must be submitted BEFORE the leave begins. The Leave of Absence must be no more than 3 months in length. After this period of time another leave of absence, if necessary, may be requested. You may request no more than 2 x Leaves of Absence (6 months).



The welfare of the patient is the main reason for my services. I will protect patients’ rights and treat each patient in a non-judgmental manner. I will always remember that each person is an individual with different values, ideas and cultural backgrounds. I will provide healthcare music to those who have given me permission, invited me to play or for whom a session was prescribed.  The safety of the patient is my first concern.

I will not provide any of my own beliefs or opinions during session. I will respect and honor each person I meet, whether it is a patient, employee, healthcare professional, family member or any other member of the healthcare team.

I will do work only for which I am qualified. I will immediately clarify my qualifications, if I my training and/or qualifications are incorrectly stated.

I will treat all hospital/facility personnel, trainees, volunteers and healthcare professionals with respect, courtesy, caring, dignity and a sense of fairness and with recognition of and sensitivity to the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds (including gender, race, age, disability, nationality, sexual orientation and religion).

I will communicate openly, respectfully and directly with other team members, providers, patients and families.

I will promptly report any adverse events and potential safety hazards.

I will respect the privacy and confidentiality of all individuals. I will consider all information that is heard directly or indirectly concerning a patient, doctor or any member of the hospital/facility staff to be confidential.

I will conduct myself professionally and with dignity.

I will abide by and uphold standards and the traditions of the facility in which I am working.

I will not share any computer user IDs, passwords or badges associated with the facility in which I am working.

I will arrive on time for my assigned shift. I will be prompt, dependable, efficient and accountable for my actions.

I will continue my education as a healthcare musician to maintain my certification and to strengthen and broaden my skills.

I will never speak negatively about a healthcare musician or healthcare musician training program.


Refund Policy

THTP only refunds tuition fees under exceptional circumstances, and an application for a refund may only be made within a 7 day period from the date of enrolment. Any refund during this 7 day grace period will be less the $100.00 USD processing fee.

No refunds will be available after the 7 day grace period.


Complaints Policy

In accordance with the Therapy Harp Training Program's procedures, THTP will make every attempt to resolve any student complaint that is not frivolous or without merit. Complaint procedures will be included in the training information assuring that all students know the steps to follow should they desire to register a complaint at any time. Evidence of final resolution of all complaints will be retained in THTP files in order to determine the frequency, nature, and patterns of complaints for the training program.

The following procedure outlines the specific steps of the complaint process.

  1. The student should register the complaint in writing within 30 days of the date that the act which is the subject of the grievance or complaint occurred.

  2. The complaint needs to be emailed to the Director.

  3. The complaint will be reviewed by the Director and a response will be sent in writing to the student within 30 days of receiving the complaint. The initial response may not provide for final resolution of the problem but will notify the student of continued investigation and/or actions being taken regarding the complaint.

  4. If the complaint is of such nature that it cannot be resolved by the Director, it will be referred to an appropriate agency, if applicable.
    Depending on the extent and nature of the complaint, interviews with appropriate staff and other students may be necessary to reach a final resolution of the complaint.

  5. In cases of extreme conflict, it may be necessary to conduct an informal hearing regarding the complaint. If necessary, management will appoint a hearing committee consisting of one member selected by the training program who has had no involvement in the dispute and who may also be another member who may not be related to the student filing the complaint or another student in the training program, and another member who may not be employed by the training program or related to the training program owner. The hearing will occur within 90 days of committee appointment. The hearing will be informal with the student presenting his/her case followed by the training program's response. The hearing committee will be allowed to ask questions of all involved parties. Within 15 days of the hearing, the committee will prepare a report summarising the testimony of each witness, and a recommended resolution for the dispute. THTP program management shall consider the report and either accept, reject, or modify the recommendations of the committee. The Director shall consider the report and either accept, reject, or modify the recommendations of the committee.

  6. Students must exhaust the training program’s internal complaint process before submitting the complaint to the training program’s accrediting agency, if applicable.

As a Student of the Therapy Harp Training Program, I understand the above statements and I agree to follow the guidelines as described.

Contact details: [email protected]