Terms and Conditions

Therapy Harp Training Program, Ltd
Student Terms of Agreement.

  1.  I understand that The Therapy Harp Training Program, Ltd is a self-study course. I understand that this course in on-line and that a computer is necessary to engage in this course. Acceptance onto the Program and the payment of Fees does not guarantee that you will graduate and be certified.
  2. I will make every effort to communicate to others that I am enrolled in a training program to become a Certified Healthcare Musician and that I am not studying to become a Music Therapist.
    I will never refer to myself as a Music Therapist or use the terms ‘therapeutic music’ or ‘therapeutic musician’ when referring to this course. Instead I can use terms such as ‘healthcare music’, ‘bedside music’ and ‘clinical music’. I can also use terms such as ‘harp therapist, ‘guitar therapist’ or ‘clinical musician’ (preferred).
  3.  I will not share any emails that I receive from the Therapy Harp Training Program, Ltd. I will not share Therapy Harp Training Therapy Harp Training Program, Student Terms of Agreement and Code of Ethics, Program, passwords, workbooks or any other proprietary information with anyone.
  4. I am aware that there is a 3 year time limit for completing the requirements for certification. I understand that if I fail to meet this criteria and have not submitted a Request for Leave of Absence, my ‘active student’ status will be discontinued and I will need to re-apply to continue the course.

    If you contact the Director indicating that you wish to voluntarily drop your ‘active student’ status (leave the Therapy Harp Training Program, you will be given a 30-day grace period to reconsider without penalty. Request for Leave of Absence or temporary Leave of Absence may be requested to avoid termination of your ‘active student status’.

    The Request for Leave of Absence must be submitted BEFORE the leave begins. The Leave of Absence must be no more than 3 months in length. After this period of time another leave of absence, if necessary, may be requested. You may request no more than 2 Leaves of Absence (6 months)

Refund Policy

THTP only refunds tuition fees if there is a genuine emergency or sickness within 5 days of enrolment. Any refund during this 5day grace period will be less $100 for a processing fee. No refunds will be given after the 5 day grace period.
As a Student of the Therapy Harp Training Program, I understand the above statements and agree to follow the guidelines as described.