Why choose the Therapy Harp Training Program?

Therapy Harp Training Program

The Therapy Harp Training Program enables you to learn how to play music in healthcare settings. It is not a performance-based course, it is about learning to play in therapeutic contexts and from a compassion-based viewpoint.

At THTP we recognise the person's whole being, the body, mind and spirit. We understand that part of being human is the need to feel connected to others and the world around us. Music is one such vehicle that enables connections within communities to occur, and this course gives you portable and adaptable skills to share with your community.

THTP is a wide-ranging course with book reviews, quizzes, videos and practical assessments. The course is ready for you to start at any time, so don't hesitate in getting in touch to find out more about THTP.

Musicians, performers, and those with a new-found interest in playing healthcare music are all welcome to enquire about enrolling in the course.

The Therapy Harp Training Program is not affiliated with any religion. 

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Compassionate Training

The Therapy Harp Training Program has an inclusive mission and treats each student as an individual. This learning process is a life-changing journey and THTP will be there to help you every step of the way.

There are many different paths to the same destination, and we are here to help you as you work through the course. Compassion and respect are integral parts of the teaching and training philosophy of Therapy Harp Training Program.

Up-to-date learning

The Therapy Harp Training Program is an online course and updates are regularly undertaken to ensure that the material is relevant for today's world. The areas of music, sound and vibrational healing are constantly expanding, and it is important to us at THTP to maintain an excellent standard in all aspects of the course.

Continuing Education Units

After you graduate, the Program requires continued professional development to maintain your certification. There are many options to easily fulfil the annual requirements of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with the Therapy Harp Training Program.

Music therapy qualification

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At THTP we bring live therapeutic music to healthcare settings to enhance the health and wellbeing of patients and clients. Our ethos is one of respect, inclusivity and compassion.