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"Marion is an exceptionally talented teacher, equally effective with the youngest and oldest of students, her preparation of students and their exam results were first class.

Marion is compassionate, caring, enthusiastic, trustworthy and dedicated, highly professional in her Directorship."

Dr Robert Gwynne
Head of Schools Development
Deputy General Secretary, Church of England.

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The THTP Program is open to all who wish to bring the joy of music to those in need, as Director of this Program I sincerely believe in the power music has to transform life through its sound, vibration and ability to communicate compassion and love.

I have been lucky to have had a teaching and performing career as a musician for over 30 years, my early love of sound meant a career in music was inevitable, a BA Music degree and performing Diploma from the London College of Music was followed by qualifying as a teacher and I was Director of Music in Secondary schools and Colleges for 16 years, responsible for the 14 instrumental musicians in my Department. In addition I enjoyed preparing final year Cambridge University teaching undergraduates for a career in music education.

My curiosity around behaviour and psychology led me to undertake further training and enabled me to work as a Specialist Social, Emotional, Behavioural Advisor for the UK Government using my musical knowledge and training to support children and adults who were suffering from a wide range of mental and physical health needs. During my time with this Service I wrote the programmes of study and trained teachers who were required to implement the new Social Emotional Curriculum, I was directly responsible for 51 schools.

Missing the direct interaction with students I returned to classroom teaching in 2007 in a Secondary Special School as Outreach Manager and Head of Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16), where I used a Sensory room regularly to support the healing benefits of Music.

Throughout all these years I also had a private instrumental flute/piano and steelpan teaching practice.

In 2011 following the earthquake in NZ my family emigrated to the beautiful Bay of Plenty (North Island). Whilst my husband Steve helped to rebuild the shattered city of Christchurch I got busy starting a disability band for adults in the region which performed at local events, as well an Adult Community and Youth Steel band. Please go to www.nzacademyofsteelpan.com for more information on my pro bono work here to establish Steel Pan.

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Clinical Healthcare Musician

Coming to New Zealand enabled me to redefine how I wanted to use my Musicianship, having seen first-hand the benefits of using Music therapeutically and having enrolled in further training as a Clinical Healthcare Musician using the harp I looked to see how I could knit together my desire to help others with my passion for pushing new boundaries in Music, observing how my harp playing directly affected those who come into contact with it meant it was an easy step for me to become more interested in the health benefits of Vibrational Medicine which led to me setting up a Clinical Vibroacoustic Harp practice in Tauranga. www.kingsmusictherapy.co.nz

Ever curious I dedicate a large proportion of my time to study and reflection, I am extremely excited to be able to direct the next stage in the development of this Certification and am actively researching further opportunities for both students and Graduates in this field.

My role is to enable you to achieve whatever learning goals you have chosen, I honestly believe that we are all perpetual students, our interaction together in addition to the power of Intention can achieve anything we turn our minds to.

Marion's email: [email protected]

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The Therapy Harp Training Program is an internationally accredited healthcare music training course fully advocating that spirituality is a necessary component in ministering to the complete person.