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  • The course is completely on-line.
  • Once you are registered you can change your password or update your details in your account settings.
  • You are NEVER asked to travel as a requirement to become certified.
  • You can start the course anytime that is convenient for you.
  • You will have live help~ a personal learning mentor that can give you support
  • This Program is compassion based so if you have individual learning needs please ask for how this course can be tailored to enable you to succeed.

What will I need to enrol in the Course

  • You will need to budget for the required reading materials. Every effort is made to have the books available as Kindle or Nook, some can be found in your library and all can be found on Amazon - new and used.
  • You will need the following hardware/software/equipment:
    • A computer with a camera or webcam and basic computer skills so you can send and receive skype calls or use Facetime confidently, upload documents to a Dropbox and post on Facebook.
    • A harp (or another instrument appropriate for healthcare music)

Most importantly you will need:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • To be able to devote the time needed to complete the course
  • To be able to function in a 'sick room'
  • To understand that subtle energies exist - that there is a universal energy that effects all of us
  • To truly want to help others
  • To be empathetic, understanding and patient

What you do not need:

You do not need: To be an advanced musician. You just need to be familiar and comfortable with your instrument and be able to play at a basic level. The simplest music is the best music for bedside healthcare music.

You do not need to travel to complete this course. You do not need to be proficient at more than one instrument.

You do not need to spend money taking a preparatory class just to become a THTP Student or purchase and study CD's, DVD's or other material prior to becoming a THTP student.

Upon completion of this course
you will have a solid knowledge and skills in:

  • Music for those in transition
  • Bedside technique in hospitals for patients of all ages and conditions
  • The use of "Intent"
  • Bedside music skills for those with specific conditions and illness.
  • Improvisation
  • Energy/Spiritual healing
  • Modes
  • Facility Protocol
  • Patient Assessment and more.

Once you graduate from both semesters, you will be recognized as a Certified Healthcare Musician (CHM)