Zoom August Retreats

August 2018 and it’s Festival season, if you went to one that’s great, I bet you had a wonderful time!

However for many of us who live somewhere far from the big Festivals or perhaps the time/funds required for attending have not been available it’s sometimes frustrating so for those of us I have an alternative proposal, design your own !! Yes it may sound odd but there is much to be gained from putting aside some time to really focus in on your musicianship, time out from life and it’s demands to just watch/listen/experiment is so incredibly valuable, in this months video I share some thoughts about what could be in your very own Harp Retreat! as well as reflecting on what some of the THTP community gained from the sessions at the recent Somerset Festival.

Resources to support this months Zoom



List of ideas for your own sessions

  1. Jazz Harp
  2. lullabies
  3. Arranging that piece you have always wanted to arrange for you n harp/flute
  4. New World music repertoire
  5. Wedding music/Celebrational muisc
  6. Modal transposing
  7. Improvising
  8. The Psychology that supports my playing! NLP/EFT?/Meditation?Prayer/Reflection
  9. Singing with your harp
  10. Chords and how to create interesting chordal progressions.